Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ahmed El Mistekawy in Delhi, India

I want to say that this experience really changed me and my lifestyle, now I see everything and everything I do from a whole new different perspective knowing that every single act I do reflects on all the people around me. I met and made friends with people from different places different cultures and it was such an amazing feeling to live this cultural diversity for the period of my stay. 

The best thing was the feeling that I was making an impact through AIESEC, the feeling that I got along with the other interns made a difference, and nothing can be compared to that.

Hadeer Abdelhameed in Chandigarh, India

In India i met people from over 20 countries, the country itself has over 5 religious, over 5 races and about 11 native languages.

Therefore India with AIESEC is truly the land of diversity and culture exposure.

In this picture with 9 countries of people who came very close to my heart as we built a home of global friendship where we were all away from home: Brazil, Egypt, India, Romania,Taiwan,Poland, Serbia, France and Mauritius   

Attending a wedding in India is exotic, the ceremony from the temple 

to the reception is totally different than egypt ! In this picture, me and my fellow AIESEC CU intern Dina are attending an AIESECer (the groom) hindu wedding

My bye bye party was an egyptian party where we cooked fool and betengan, then served some egyptian sweets with the belly dancing music in the background

Chandigarh there is a rose festival held yearly in the spring
show casing the beauty of roses and making different forms of arts from it, we were there making charts about water consumption awareness and appreantly we drew attention as forgein students working for a local cause

 While in Chandigarh I learned basic Dhol beats and Punjab Dances

AIESEC Chandigarh integrats the interns by short house stays and invetations to general meetings ! They were also recruiting where I met my fellow AIESEC intern Sarah from Canada and became best friends

Working close to a hindu temple to construct workshop for
indian kida to learn English and Science ! i was always surrounded by flowers, smiles and hugs ! the kids are smart and loveable, they made me feel that I making a real impact 

Indian clothes (Harem Pants and Kurta).
PS. Shopping for exotic clothes, accessories and antiques is best and cheapest done in India !

The Sikh Gurdwaras in india are very relaxing places and mostly a sikh gurdwara is accompyned by a beautiful lake of holy water just like this one

Taj Mahal in Agra is a must visit

We made the news when we were at the rose festival.
This is our picture in the daily post (Indian news paper)

Mina Michael in Gaziantep, Turkey

When the eastern cultural is blended with modern civilization passing through fragrant history, then we are definitely talking about turkey -  a modern civilized European country sharing with Egypt many similarities in religion , cultural and taste . 

And for me, I feel like I have discovered the real super me and I have gained self confidence while having presentations about our beloved country, an experience that changed my way of thinking so if you are just wishing to see a somehow similar cultural country with a modern view I advise you to come to turkey and you will know the taste of Turkish coffee.
And believe me, you will feel that you are so welcome here.

Turkish people love Egyptians and love Egypt, so come on and lets show them who are truly we - Mina Michael

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nood Sedky in Jalandhar, India

During my internship i  met people from over 25 countries around the world, now i have friends in each and every continent. through my internship i ve impacted the lives of many young students from rural areas, i worked with a team of more than 40 young university students.


 I had fun and  amazing time, it was a life changing experience

Ahmed Auf in Chandigarh, India

I am ahmed auf, 21 years old, studying in faculty of medicine Cairo university…
Last summer, I traveled to India with aiesec.. I had a wonderful experience.. I can say that every day was an adventure, every day I was waiting something new to be a story that I could say to all my friends when I will be back to Egypt..
I learned a lot.. I met people from more than 22 countries.. For my first time, I went to religious temples, rode an elephant, meet different cultures..
simply I can say INCREDIBLE INDIA..
I can say I want to go back there next summer, want to have fun..

I love India and love AIESEC because it gave me the chance to travel there..

Some of the interns J

 WOW.. an elephant !! :D

Golden temple ;)

My farewell party :D

I am Indian :D :D

 Nature :D

Ahmed Mahdy in Bursa, Turkey

Going to Bursa in Turkey was the first internship for me with AIESEC CU, I had the opportunity to go another country and know about lots of cultures through having a lot of friends from different countries globally.

I had an amazing experience as developing myself, and had a lot of fun at the same time while working, one last thing to say, definitely I will go fro another internship.

Farida Shams in Panchkula, India

I shift my mood like India suddenly shifts it's moods, this one thing i know we have in common.
One moment i am all happy and jumping and the next day i am mad and raining as no one never knew.

This is world of dancing and singing, a new order of population exists. for them 80 million is such a small beaten crowd.

Colours are what you wear.
No workaholics but such a tense desire to learn.
Indians are masters of giving the baffled look or the funny look. “Haha” in the middle of the sentences has become a normal consumption as we are using LOL for agreement nowadays.

Festivals,colours,dancing...we have it all here.
Elephant festival
Friendship festival
rakhi festivals....these are just examples !!

Women are a source of mystery everywhere but in India they stand out pretty clear.
Ready, brave and take control like one of the best ever.

One look, you think you know it all
The next one ....all expectations fall!!

Every country is uniquely beautiful, they would make a nice football team but they are not into football

For my surprise it is cricket and they are not only 11 they are 28 states!!

Eating in small plates, gives you more alternatives. Eating is a guilty pleasure.

Bucket, pot and small little chair are a must in any bathroom.
They are so friendly...always smiling. There first words are not hi they are "from ver?"

The most amazing selection of fruits along with the magnificent spicy cuisine.

I usually stay at night to hear the only azan i can hear on a clear weather...el fajr.
Sometimes it is all too good to be true....but like i said i shift my mood in a minute.

Fan moving slackishly”I don’t know if it is a word !!” lazy....see through playing all around
And much more: D:D

Salma Wahba in Chandigarh, India

Usually, when it comes to India I always get speechless because I don't think the incredible beauty of India can be described in words. India is indeed incredible. Actually, everything about India is incredible, the food, the culture, the food, the music and of course, the people.

I had my internship in a city called chandigarh, which is very similar to maadi here in Egypt. It is very quiet, clean and full of foreigners. 

I have stayed for about 8 weeks and have worked in an NGO called Indian National Portage Association, which has dealt with several issues concerning disabled children.

I was always obsessed with India, the music, the movies and was always fascinated by the amazing history, traditions and beauty this incredible country has.


India is a combo of everything, it has beaches, mountains, deserts, civilized areas, snow, rivers and infinite amount of temples to visit. Indians are very traditional and value dearly the fact that you are interested in knowing them. They are absolutely generous and are unbelievably nice. They have this mixture of being traditional and modern at the same time, which is a fact that has fascinated me. 

I have visited mostly the northern part of India, I have seen the incredible beauty of the Taj Mahal, have visited the beautiful golden temple in amritsar, have fed a monkey and have been on too many adventures that words cannot even describe.

India reminded me of DisneyLand, because it is such a happy place, full of positive energy and just too good to exist in this world. Who said heaven doesn't exist on earth?

What is more than awesome, is the bond that I had with my roommates, which were interns from different and various countries. We were living for two months in one house, so you can imagine how close we got. We have become one family, and I am sure now that I have a house in every country, besides, the many many houses that are ready to welcome me anytime in India.

Thank you AIESEC CU for this amazing experience, without it, I would not have been the person I am today. I LOVE INDIAAA!!!